15 Types of Videos That Every Business Can Use

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Videos are more than just a way to entertain your customers. They’re also an effective way to educate and persuade them and share your brand story personally and authentically. Not all videos are created equal, though. Some videos are far more effective at accomplishing these goals than others. So, what makes for good business video content? Here’s a list of 15 types of videos that every company can use:

How-To Video

How-to videos are a great way to educate your audience, especially when it comes to product tutorials. They can show how to use a feature or how something is done (or should be done).

How-to videos also allow you to show off your expertise and knowledge of the subject matter at hand. You’ll want to ensure that the information you’re giving is accurate and helpful.

Product Tutorials

Product tutorials are great for many businesses. How-to videos can show people how to use your product and give examples of how it can be used in the real world. For example, if you run an office supplies business that sells pens, you could create a product tutorial that shows customers how to refill their pens with ink and what type of pens will work best for them based on their needs.

Another great way to use these types of videos is by explaining why people need your product in the first place. For example, suppose you run a company that makes golf clubs and balls. In that case, you could explain why it’s important for golfers to replace their equipment every few years instead of just throwing away old clubs or balls when they break down due to wear and tear over time (because this will help prevent injuries while playing).

Product Demo or Unboxing Videos

Product demos or unboxing videos effectively show off a product’s features and benefits without spending much time on narration. For example, if you’re launching a new product, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase how it works.

Suppose it’s an accessory or software update that you’re introducing to your customer base. In that case, they’ll want to know what they can do with the additional functionality before they make their purchase decision. These types of videos are also great for refurbished products (think refurbs) because they allow you to show customers exactly what they’re getting in terms of quality control and condition before making any purchases.

Product demos or unboxing videos can be used for physical products as well. However, many businesses choose not to use this type of video unless something unique about their offering (such as customizability) exists.

FAQs & Answers Videos

FAQs and answers videos are great for answering your customers’ questions about your product or service. You can use these types of videos to show your customer base that you are listening and being open and transparent.

Interviews and Testimonials

Interviews and testimonials are great ways to show you care about your customers. They can be used to build trust and credibility (transparency is huge in this day and age) and show what people are saying about you. Testimonials can also be used to show how your product or service has helped someone, whether helping them do their job better or improving their quality of life.

Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling clips are one of the most appealing types of videos because they can be used to tell any story you want. You don’t need to stick with a traditional format like corporate videos, explainer videos, or testimonials; you can create a short narrative film based on your brand’s mission or values. The potential for creativity is endless!

The best part about brand storytelling? It’s the most accessible type of video for smaller businesses because it doesn’t require a big production budget or professional actors. You’ll probably have enough resources on hand already (e.g., employees who work at your company) to get started immediately.

Corporate Event Coverage

Corporate event coverage is a great way to showcase your brand. The video can be used online, at trade shows, and in presentations. It’s also a great way to show off the people who work for your company.

The goal of corporate event videos is to capture the highlights of an event, so you don’t need to worry about capturing every detail with multiple cameras. However, if you have enough time and resources, you should consider filming on multiple cameras at once (and even set up a drone).

To create a memorable video highlighting the best parts of your company’s annual conference or industry awards ceremony:

  1. Use B-roll footage (interviews with attendees) and interviews with key speakers or award recipients.
  2. Showcase these people throughout the video as they interact with one another at various points on stage during awards ceremonies.
  3. Include them in group shots while they’re mingling before or after events; add captions showing when each person was interviewed, so viewers know what year it took place, etc.

Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Here’s a cool idea: giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on in your business. You can use these types of videos to show them the company’s culture and the people who work there, but they could also be used to show the processes that make up your business. That way, they’ll know how things are done, which is important if you want them to trust you.

Webinar or Online Training

One of the most powerful ways to reach people is with video. You can use it for webinars, training videos, or product demos. All you need is good recording software and a way to upload your videos online.

If you’re looking for something basic, use a program like Powerpoint or Google Slides and record the presentation as you go along. With those programs, it’s easy to add captions and other features that make your final product look more polished than if you had used just a regular camera (though if all else fails, there’s always Facebook Live). If this sounds like too much work (or if PowerPoint isn’t your thing), try ScreenFlow: It allows users to record their screen while narrating over top of it—and then export the result as an mp4 video file that they can upload anywhere they like!

Explainer or Animated Video

An explainer video is a short (1-2 minutes), engaging, and informative video that explains a concept or product in a way that helps your audience to understand it better. It’s like an introduction to your product/service/company that you can use as marketing or sales training material. These videos can be used on their own as well as part of other marketing channels such as emails and landing pages.

Digital Book Trailer

A digital book trailer is a video that promotes your book and gives readers an idea of what it’s about. It can be as simple as a slide show of photos from the story or a video that includes voiceover narration. You could also use animation, live actors, and even music from the soundtrack to create something more elaborate.

Here are three examples:

Customer Appreciation Video

Customer appreciation videos are a great way to show your customers how much you appreciate them. A customer appreciation video can be used to thank existing customers for their loyalty, new customers for choosing to do business with you, and even refer friends and family.

In the video, you must let your audience know exactly what you appreciate about them. Start by thanking them for their business or referrals, then go into more detail about why they mean so much to your company. You could also mention any special relationship that exists between the two of you—perhaps they have been a client for many years or have referred many other people who have become clients too!

Consider sending this video as an email attachment rather than posting it on YouTube or Vimeo so that each person receives an individualized thank-you message from you in their inboxes.

Q&A With the CEO/Founder

This can be a fantastic way to show your company’s values and culture. The CEO or founder is seen as more approachable than other employees, so they can answer questions that other employees do not always ask. It’s also a great way to showcase the personality of your CEO or founder, who can also serve as an example for your brand’s culture.

Product Reviews and Comparisons

Product review and comparison videos are a great way to get your customers talking about you. They also allow you to learn more about what they’re looking for, which can help you improve your products or services.

Product reviews are often used in the tech industry, where there’s a constant need to be ahead of the curve and deliver on what customers want before they know they want it. For example, if someone has been waiting years for Apple to release an iPhone with wireless charging capabilities but hasn’t found anyone who makes one yet, this video would be helpful—it could show them how useful their phone could be once it’s equipped with that feature.


Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience. It’s a great way to show people what you do and why they should care, all while helping them understand your brand and its mission more than they would with text alone.