What’s Your Go-To Holiday Cookie?

Gingerbread holiday cookie
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As the holiday season approaches, there’s a particular warmth that fills the air, and much of it can be attributed to the heavenly aromas of baking that waft from kitchens worldwide. In many households, the tradition of baking holiday cookies is as integral to the festive spirit as decorating the Christmas tree or singing carols. But with such a vast array of cookies to choose from, the question arises: What’s your go-to holiday cookie?

Let’s embark on a sweet journey through the world of holiday cookies, exploring why they’re more than just treats—they’re sentimental markers of culture, tradition, and personal memories.

1. The Classic Sugar Cookie: A Canvas for Creativity

Arguably the most iconic of all, the sugar cookie is a staple of holiday baking. Its simple base of sugar, flour, butter, and eggs offers a blank canvas for creativity. Whether you’re rolling them out and cutting them into festive shapes like stars, Christmas trees, or snowflakes, or simply dropping spoonfuls onto a baking sheet, sugar cookies are as fun to decorate as they are to eat. They hold a special place in many people’s hearts, often associated with childhood memories of baking with family and the joy of decorating each cookie with a personal touch.

2. Gingerbread: The Spicy Scent of Tradition

Gingerbread is more than a cookie; it’s a holiday experience. The mix of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves creates a distinctive warm and spicy aroma that is quintessentially Christmas. From gingerbread men to elaborate gingerbread houses, these cookies are steeped in tradition. The art of gingerbread making dates back centuries, and each culture has its own twist on the recipe, making it a fascinating exploration of culinary history.

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies: A Beloved Classic

While not exclusive to the holiday season, chocolate chip cookies gain a special status during this time, reminiscent of home and hearth. There’s something incredibly comforting about a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie that brings back memories of cozy evenings spent indoors, perhaps with a glass of milk or a cup of hot cocoa. Some bakers add a holiday twist with peppermint or white chocolate chips, making these familiar treats festive. Yet, even the classic recipe, with its golden-brown edges and molten chocolate chunks, holds a cherished place on the holiday cookie platter, symbolizing the timeless joy of simple pleasures.

4. Shortbread: A Melt-in-Your-Mouth Delight

Shortbread, with its rich buttery flavor and crumbly texture, is a holiday favorite, especially in Scottish tradition where it’s often associated with festive celebrations. This simple combination of butter, flour, and sugar results in a surprisingly luxurious taste and a melt-in-your-mouth quality that makes it impossible to stop at just one. Shortbread is versatile, often cut into festive shapes like stars and Christmas trees, or adorned with chocolate or nuts, adding an elegant touch to any holiday gathering. Its simplicity belies its deliciousness, making it a beloved treat in households around the world during the holiday season.

5. Snickerdoodles: The Comfort Cookie

The snickerdoodle, with its soft, chewy center and a coating of cinnamon sugar, is comfort in cookie form, evoking a sense of warmth and nostalgia. While not exclusively a holiday cookie, its cinnamon-spiced flavor fits perfectly into the holiday season, complementing the rich aromas of festive meals and decorations. This humble cookie, often characterized by its signature crackled top, is a reminder that sometimes the simplest things can be the most satisfying. The snickerdoodle’s understated elegance and irresistible taste make it a favorite for both bakers and cookie lovers alike during the holidays.

6. Pfeffernüsse: A European Gem

Pfeffernüsse, a German cookie, is a delightful treat packed with spices like ginger, anise, and black pepper, embodying the quintessential flavors of the holiday season. Often coated in powdered sugar, these small, round cookies are a holiday staple in many European countries, loved for their rich, spicy flavor and soft, chewy texture. Their unique flavor profile, with a hint of molasses and a variety of warm spices, offers a delicious change of pace from the more common holiday cookie varieties. Pfeffernüsse not only delight the taste buds but also bring a piece of European tradition to the holiday table, making them a cherished part of festive celebrations.

7. Biscotti: Perfect for Dunking

Originating from Italy, biscotti are twice-baked, crunchy cookies that are ideal for dunking in coffee or hot chocolate, providing a delightful blend of textures and flavors. Whether they’re almond, chocolate, or cranberry-pistachio flavored, biscotti add a touch of sophistication to any cookie assortment, and their sturdy texture makes them perfect for gifting. Their long shelf life is a bonus, ensuring that these delightful treats can be enjoyed throughout the holiday season. Biscotti’s versatility and elegance make them a favorite in many households, offering a moment of indulgence in the midst of holiday festivities.

8. Linzer Cookies: A Festive Treat

Originating from Austria, Linzer cookies are a festive and visually stunning option that adds a touch of elegance to any holiday cookie spread. These sandwich cookies, typically filled with raspberry or apricot jam, feature a top cookie with a cut-out revealing the jam beneath, creating a beautiful contrast. The combination of the buttery cookie and the sweet-tartness of the jam results in a harmonious blend of flavors, making them as delicious as they are attractive. Linzer cookies embody the holiday spirit with their vibrant colors, delicate, buttery taste, and intricate designs, making them a delightful addition to any festive occasion.

9. Peanut Butter Blossoms: A Crowd-Pleaser

For those who love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, peanut butter blossoms are a must on the holiday cookie platter. The soft peanut butter cookie, crowned with a chocolate kiss candy, is irresistible, often one of the first to disappear from cookie platters. Their simple yet delightful combination of flavors makes them a hit with both children and adults alike. The ease of making these cookies, along with their delicious taste, ensures their status as a holiday baking staple in many kitchens.

10. Spritz Cookies: A Taste of Nostalgia

Spritz cookies, made using a cookie press to create intricate shapes and designs, are a nostalgic holiday treat that bring back memories of childhood baking sessions. They can be simple or elaborately decorated with colored sugars or icing, but always bring a touch of whimsy and fun to the holiday baking experience. These buttery, delicate cookies are not only a delight to eat but also a joy to make, offering a fun baking activity for families during the holiday season. Their festive shapes and melt-in-your-mouth texture make spritz cookies a beloved addition to any holiday gathering, embodying the spirit of the season.


Holiday cookies are more than just sweet treats; they are a celebration of traditions, a canvas for creativity, and a way to bring people together. From the classic chocolate chip and elegant shortbread to the spicy pfeffernüsse and festive Linzer, each cookie has its own story and place in holiday rituals. Whether you’re continuing a family baking tradition or trying out new recipes, the magic of holiday cookies lies in their ability to evoke memories, spread joy, and add a touch of sweetness to the festive season. So, as you warm up your ovens this holiday season, remember that each batch of cookies you bake is not just about the ingredients but the love and holiday cheer that you mix in with them.