Tips for Marketing Your Artwork

Marketing your artwork
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Like any other business, artists must market their work. But what does marketing art even mean? How do you go about sharing your work and connecting with potential buyers? What are the best ways for marketing your artwork and yourself? These are all questions I’ve been grappling with for years as an artist myself, so I’d like to share my advice (and mistakes) here.

Branding is not optional

Branding is not optional. It is about being memorable, consistent, and unique, and it is an essential part of marketing your artwork. It’s about speaking to your ideal customer in a way no one can. When you have a bold, clear, and distinctive brand that stands for something, people will resonate with it and remember it more than anything else. And when that happens? That’s when your marketing efforts start working for you!

The social media trap

Social media is a great way to get the word out about your work, but it can also be addictive and time-consuming. It’s important to rely on something other than social media as your sole marketing method because it’s really more effective as an extension of other strategies (like blogging and podcasting).

You should have a website listing all of your work with prices, sizes, and descriptions. You should also put up information about yourself as an artist, like where you live, what kind of art you do, how long you’ve been doing it, etc.

And remember, mailing lists! Email newsletters are an excellent way to stay in touch with fans who might have missed out on something new or exciting from you recently.

Be a friend to writers, photographers, and art dealers

You might be surprised at how much you can learn from the people in your field and how much you can help them in return.

In addition to learning about marketing strategies, artists often want to know about legal issues related to their artwork. For example: if someone comes up with a great idea for an art show but doesn’t have enough money or contacts to put it together—and they need help—you may be able to contribute your time and energy without taking any ownership over the project.

If you get involved with a group show or other event like this (or even if not), be sure that everyone is clear on what they’re contributing before making any promises of support.

Never stop marketing

The good news is that marketing is an ongoing process, not just a one-time thing. As your career progresses and your work becomes more established in the market, you’ll need to put in more effort than ever before.

Marketing your artwork means building relationships with other artists and art dealers so they can help promote your work in return. It means keeping in touch with people who have bought your artwork at past exhibitions or online sales—not just to thank them for their purchase but also because someday they might want to buy something else from you!


This is by no means a comprehensive list of tips for marketing your artwork, but hopefully, this article has served as a good starting point. There are many more ways to market your art, and if you follow these suggestions, you’ll likely find what works best for you.