Fitness Trends to Keep an Eye On in 2022

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I’ve always been a bit of a fitness addict. Not only do I love the feeling that comes with getting strong, but I also love being part of the fitness community. Frankly, it’s just fun to talk about new workout trends with my friends! We all have our favorite gyms and studios, but there are always new ones popping up—and that makes me excited for what’s next in 2022.

If you love working out as much as I do (or more), then read on for some exciting news: we’re going to see some pretty remarkable changes in how we get our sweat on over the next year or two! From hybrid gyms with fresh approaches to sustainability to smaller studios focused on personalization and wellness programs for kids, these are the fitness trends that’ll change everything about how we work out in 2022:

Hybrid gyms

This is the fitness trend for you if you’re looking for a more intimate, personalized experience that’s not quite as expensive as boutique studios but still more expensive than your traditional gym. Hybrid gyms offer a similar environment to boutique studios but with more equipment and space than their small counterparts. This makes it easier to find classes and equipment at different times without waiting in line (or paying extra) for personal training services.

Fitness focused on sustainability.

The fitness trends of 2022 will be focused on sustainability.

This is a broad definition and includes fitness that is good for the environment, the planet, communities, individuals, families, and the world at large.

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New fitness spaces

Fitness spaces are going to be more flexible, allowing you to take part in fitness activities in a variety of ways. You’ll be able to do a quick workout, or you can spend hours meditating and practicing yoga. Either way, you’ll have options for spaces that fit your needs, whether it means having a private area or wanting access to technology that helps you track your progress.

The new fitness spaces will cater to all ages and abilities. While some may be equipped with heavy weights and machines, there will also be areas suited for older adults who can’t lift as much weight or bend over as far as they used to. The space should be designed, so everyone feels welcome and included while encouraging them toward their goals!

Smaller, more personalized fitness studios

As the popularity of fitness classes increases, so does the desire for more convenient and accessible fitness options. In 2022, you’ll see a rise in smaller studios that can offer personalized services at affordable prices. These smaller studios will be perfect for people who don’t want to drive or are looking for an option closer to home—and they tend to be cheaper than more extensive facilities!

More fitness opportunities for kids

Kids today are more active than ever before, and with the rise in fitness options for children, it’s no wonder. More kids are joining fitness classes, and parents are becoming even more aware of the benefits of physical activity. This year, expect to see even more kids getting involved with fitness and participating in fun ways that are both entertaining and educational. You might even find your child partaking in a class alongside you!


With our fitness trends, we can be a bit more adventurous in 2022. Even though resistance training and HIIT are still solid and other exercises that use your body weight have been gaining popularity. Yoga and Pilates seem like they’re here to stay, and dance classes are becoming more popular as people seek ways to relieve stress and improve their mental health through movement. Like our articles? You should send us some of your own